Casinos in North Korea


Most people probably won’t be aware that there are casinos in North Korea, so this is likely to surprise them somewhat. The last Stalinist dictatorship still in existence is in the Hermit Kingdom, which is another name for all of Korea that was once used more frequently for the North. Mobile phones are completely forbidden under the strict regulations. They were again seized after being distributed to local officials because they had developed into a different means of communication independent of the institutions of the State.

To prevent anyone from ever being tempted to listen to South Korean stations, even the radios are permanently soldered to only receive the State radio channels. 카지노사이트 Actually, North Korea is the most repressive nation on earth right now. The fact that it was the first hereditary Communist dictatorship is another point of distinction for the country—something that not many old-school Communists would actually consider to be a good idea. It would be surprising to find any casinos in North Korea given the level of repression there (yes, they have a vast network of gulags, or work camps, for those who have offended the leadership) and the utter stupidity of their economic system (they cannot even feed their own people).

Nobody should, however, undervalue this nation’s capacity to shock. There are, in fact, two casinos in North Korea, with a third one possibly present. The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, is home to the country’s first casino. It is a little unclear whether the Pyongyang casino—named with breathtaking originality—actually exists. If it does, North Koreans cannot enter it, and there are only a few hundred tourists who visit the nation annually. It may serve the few foreign diplomats and businessmen stationed there, but that would be a very small clientele.

The Seaview Casino Hotel in Rajin is the second North Korean casino that may or may not exist. There are 52 slots and 16 tables listed. The Emperor casino in Rajin-Songbong, a free trade zone that North Korea is attempting to establish on the border with China, is thought by many to be the object of this renaming or alternative name. The third and final casino in North Korea that is known to exist is called The Emperor. It was created to serve the cross-border trade coming from China, where gambling was previously illegal in all forms. Other than the staff, no North Koreans were ever permitted inside the complex (and they wouldn’t have had the money to play there anyway). The Chinese closed the border to gamblers after learning that government employees were stealing money and then spending it at the casino. Thus, The Emperor closed due to a lack of patrons.

As a result, it is unclear whether there are any casinos in North Korea that are open and operating. Beyond that, no one is really sure. There may be one in the capital and there is undoubtedly one that is empty and unused near the Chinese border.

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